Psychology of Colour Branding

Jun 18, 2022Business Brand & Marketing0 comments


The use of color in branding is a complicated one. It not only needs to be appropriate for the brand, but it also needs to resonate with the target audience. Color psychology is a fascinating topic, and it can certainly be used as a tool for marketers.

A study by the University of Cincinnati found that different colors stimulate different moods and emotions in people, which can have an effect on their purchasing decisions. For example, red stimulates feelings of anger and aggression while blue stimulates feelings of calmness and trustworthiness.

Different colours evoke different emotions, and it’s important for companies to understand the implications of colour selection when creating branding.

A study by the University of Toronto found that consumers are more likely to buy a product if it has a color that they associate with success.

The study also found that consumers prefer brands with colors associated with their own gender, but not when they are shopping for products for children.


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